Saturday , April 17 2021

President of Russia signed legislation to extend two terms of 6–6 years; Term ending in 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a law that gives him the power to remain in power until 2036. With this, Putin has got the approval to continue for the presidency for another two terms.

The 68-year-old Putin has been in power in Russia for more than two decades. According to a copy released on the government’s legal information portal, after Putin’s signature, he will now be able to stand in the next elections after the completion of the current term in 2024.

76% supported
A referendum campaign for a constitutional amendment was also conducted in Russia last year. It lasted for 7 days. For the first time due to the Corona crisis, it took so long to vote in Russia. However, voting went online. Nearly 60% of the voters voted. The Russian people voted in support and opposition to keep Putin in office until 2036. Accordingly, 76% of the people supported the amendment of the constitution.

Putin first became president in 2000

Putin first became president on 7 May 2000. His last term was completed in 2008. After this Medvedev was elected President and Putin became Prime Minister. However, the real command of the government was in the hands of Putin. During Medvedev’s presidency, the president’s term was reduced to 6 years. Earlier it used to be 4 years old. In 2012, Putin became president once again and Medvedev was elected prime minister. During this time many changes were seen in the country. With this, he strengthened himself as President.

The proposal came in the lower house of the Russian Parliament
Putin’s term ends in 2024. If the constitution was not amended, Putin would not have contested this time. For this, a proposal was made to extend Putin’s term in the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament. The motion was brought into parliament by MP Valentina Tereshkova. She is the first woman to go to space in 1963. She is considered a supporter of Putin.

Worked as a detective for 15 years
He worked abroad for 15 years as a spy of Russia’s intelligence agency KGB. When former President of Russia Boris Yeltsin abruptly resigned in 1999, Putin was the Prime Minister of the country. He was nominated as acting president amid elections pending at the time.

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