Tuesday , October 19 2021

Poll open again: D-company confesses, Dawood Ibrahim does business in Pakistan only on the instigation of ISI

Intelligence agencies report that India’s most wanted fugitive Dawood Ibrahim and his wife have been found infected with COVID-19 and have been admitted to the Army Hospital in Karachi. But Dawood’s brother Anees Ibrahim, who controls the underworld operation of the D-Company and its financial affairs, has dismissed such reports.

Anees told the news agency over the phone from an unknown location that Coronavirus is a dangerous epidemic, but his brother Dawood and the whole family are not affected by it and they are in their home. In the conversation, the mafia don admitted to running the business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Pakistan. Intelligence reports had previously stated that Dawood and his wife were infected with the coronavirus. Reports have also revealed that his personal staff and guards have been kept in isolation.

Dawood remains under the protection of ISI 

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, who is under the patronage of Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), is said to live in Karachi. Dawood is accused in several cases of cross-border crimes, including the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts. Islamabad has denied Dawood and his family’s presence in Pakistan for many years.

Chhota Shakeel, the D-Company’s sharpshooter and in charge of extortion and betting syndicate, also lives in Karachi. Anees said, Bhai (Dawood) is fine and Shakeel is also fine. No one is infected with the coronavirus. No person from our family is admitted to the hospital. When Anees was asked about his current location, he kept quiet.

Dawood’s family has been settled in Karachi, Pakistan since 1994. Her family also includes his daughter Mahrukh, who is married to the son of former Pakistan cricketer Javed Miandad.

D-Company strategist Anees has been in the news since the early 1990s when he allegedly sent a vehicle full of weapons to filmstar Sanjay Dutt’s residence in Mumbai. He is also accused of funding Bollywood films from his base in Dubai and running a syndicate of betting in cricket. He was reportedly detained in Saudi Arabia a few years ago but managed to escape before the Indian agencies got caught in the trap.

UAE is also traded

In a brief telephone conversation, Anees admitted that the D-Company runs the business through Pakistan and Dubai. When asked about running luxury hotels in the UAE and large construction projects in Pakistan and other countries, Anees did not deny and said, what to do? He also admitted that the D-Company also runs a transport business.

Intelligence documents handed over by the Indian government to several international agencies including the United Nations and Interpol reveal that the D-Company has a major transport business from Karachi airport to Afghanistan. D-Company-appointed truck drivers also assist Dawn in smuggling illicit heroin through a smooth chain of vehicles along the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Dawood and his brother have since also invested in hotels and resorts business in Pakistan and UAE. Dawn also has several malls next to a paper mill at Kotri near Hyderabad (Pakistan) in Sindh province.

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