Sunday , September 19 2021

Polar bear lives due to climate change side effects

Washington:  Climate change is not only affecting the weather and humans but also animals. Global warming is directly or indirectly affecting many species, but the discussion on the occasion of International Polar Bear Day is quite appropriate for Polar Bear. The direct effect of climate change is the melting of polar ice.
The impact of melting snow in the Arctic region has not diminished on polar bears. According to the latest study, now these bears need to invest more energy in hunting. The melting of ice is occurring very rapidly in the Artic. Scientific studies of the past show that this situation is now taking a dangerous form. The reason for this drastic change was that hunter-gatherers like polar bears of the polar region had to change their food and behavior habits. Not only this, they have had to do this change much faster than mammals living in cold climate.
The North Pole species is facing an uncertain future due to global warming. Due to this the sea ice is disappearing, due to which the polar bear has to go towards the land according to the study recently published in Expimental Biology. These changes are seen to have a profound effect on the melting of terrestrial ice.
The research co-author and head of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Santa Cruz’s University of California says the world of the Arctic has now become very unpredictable for animals such as polar bears. According to the researchers, marine mammal prey near polar bears with limited amounts of oxygen reduced their risk of starving.
Prior research has shown that polar bears rely heavily on food in the form of seals in which they receive a high calorie diet. To save their energy, these bears still have the chance to hunt seals for hours. Let’s wait The seals breathed through the cone-shaped holes that breathed into the sea ice. On this occasion, bears on the surface pounce on them and take them out.

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