Wednesday , September 22 2021

PHOTOS: The names of these actresses have been associated with the sex racket!

Through this post of ours today, we are going to introduce you to some such actresses whose name has been associated with sex racket and some have been caught by the police in an objectionable position…

Sherlin Chopra

The name of actress Sherlyn Chopra, who is seen very high in the list of very hot and bold actresses of Bollywood, has been seen in the sex racket. Apart from this, Sherlyn has also accepted on social media that she has been involved in this instinct. However, many people still call it a publicity stunt.

Ash Ansari

South Industry’s famous actress Ash Ansari has also appeared in many Bollywood films. His film career includes great films like Chalte Chalte and Om Shanti Om. But if we talk about his personal life, he was arrested by Jodhpur Police in the year 2011 for being part of a sex racket.


Bhuvneshwari is also an actress of the South film industry whose name has been seen in sex rackets. Talking about Bhuneshwari, in her film career, she has worked in many B grade films, due to which gradually her tendency also went in a negative direction, after which she was arrested in Chennai.

Neetu Agarwal

Actress Neetu Aggarwal, who was arrested by the Andhra Pradesh Police in the case of smuggling, has been a famous actress in the Telugu film industry.


The very beautiful actress Caroline of the Tamil film industry is also included in the list. Talking about Caroline, she was caught by the police in an objectionable situation in a five-star hotel.

Saira Bhanu

Actress Saira Bhanu, who has appeared in many of the best films of the South film industry, used to rule millions of hearts based on her acting and beauty. But in the year 2010, due to 21, the police arrested Saira.

Shweta Prasad Basu

Bollywood’s famous actress Shweta Prasad Basu, who achieved tremendous popularity with the film Makdee, was arrested for being a part of a sex racket.

Sangeeta Balan

Sangeeta Balan is a well-known actress not only in Bollywood but also in the TV industry. But let us tell you that the Navy has been arrested once for being part of a sex racket.


Actress Seema of the Telugu film industry has been seen playing small roles in films many times. However, let us tell you that in the year 2009, she was arrested due to her involvement in the trade of sex.

Mishti Mukherjee

The name of actress Mishti Mukherjee has also been seen in the sex racket of the film Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi. Talking about Mishti, during her arrest, about 25 thousand CDs were found along with two lakh rupees in cash.


Actress Divya, who appeared in some Tamil films, has become a part of the sex racket after failing in her career. Apart from this, it was also revealed in the news that Divya along with cricketers and businessmen has also been caught in an objectionable position by the police.

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