Thursday , October 21 2021

Petrol Diesel Rate Today: Petrol and diesel can be expensive in the Prime Minister’s state, know how much VAT can increase

Ahmedabad: Petrol Diesel Rate Today: Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said that the state government has added value-added tax (VAT-VAT) on fuels like Petrol and Diesel (Latest Petrol Diesel News) to compensate the revenue loss due to the lockdown. Is considering increasing. The Gujarat government currently levies a 21 percent tax on the sale of petrol and diesel. It has 17 percent VAT and four percent cess. Patel said that VAT rates and prices of fuels in Gujarat are both the lowest in the country. He told reporters in Gandhinagar, “We have lost significant revenue due to the fall in the collection of Goods and Services Tax (GST), as businesses were closed due to the lockdown.”

Fuel prices in Gujarat are among the lowest in the country: Nitin Patel
Nitin Patel said that we have also incurred additional expenditure in issuing relief package for the people affected by the lockdown. He said that fuel prices in Gujarat are the lowest in the country because our VAT is also the lowest. Some experts have suggested increasing VAT and bringing it at par with other states. This will help us fight the coronavirus as well as compensate for the extra expenditure. ”However, he said that no final decision has been taken in this regard yet.

Maharashtra government has increased the cess on petrol and diesel,
let us know that recently, the price of petrol (Petrol Price Today) and Diesel Price Today has increased by two rupees per liter in the financial capital of the country. The prices of petrol and diesel have increased in the entire state, including Mumbai, after the Maharashtra government increased the cess on petrol and diesel from June 1 to Rs 2 per liter. In Maharashtra, the value-added tax on petrol is 26 percent and 24 percent on diesel. Apart from this, both vehicles impose a cess on fuel, which the state government has increased from Rs 8.12 on petrol to Rs 10.12 per liter and on diesel from Rs 1 per liter to Rs 3 per liter.

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