Tuesday , October 19 2021

People are upset with the shutdown in the lockdown and a farmer here earned lakhs of rupees by becoming self-sufficient.

Sirsa, Haryana.  There is not necessarily a lot of land for farming. 4-5 acres of fields can also make your life happy. It is said that wherever there is a will, there is a way. Whatever may be the task, if we do it with full honesty and passion, then success is sure to come. Regarding farming, people believe that there is less profit in this, but it is not so. There are thousands of farmers, who are earning millions of rupees by farming. This farmer is also one of them. Recently, Modi has emphasized on ‘Self-reliant India’. This farmer is a strong example of that. This is Ishwar Singh Kadwasra, a farmer of village Nathusari Kalan. Ishwar Singh has only studied till the sixth standard. But due to self-reliance, these people are living a better life than the people.

Farming started 8 years ago ..
Ishwar Singh says that he has only 4 acres of land. He started growing vegetables, besides strawberries, marigold and roses on two acres 8 years ago. In this season seasonal fruits like watermelon, cucumber etc. are also planted. With this, his income started getting better. Ishwar Singh admits that Strawberry did not benefit due to the lockdown. But they also say that everything else has done all the damage. He benefited well. They grow mustard, cotton etc. on the remaining 2 acres. Ishwar Singh has made a profit of more than 3 lakh rupees this year. Ishwar Singh uses organic manure instead of chemical fertilizer in farming. People buy their vegetables for this too.

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