Wednesday , October 20 2021

Pakistani media praised UP, Imran’s government was raped

New DelhiCorona continues to wreak havoc across the country. People in Pakistan do not see freedom from this epidemic. Here the cases of corona are increasing day by day. In Pakistan, the figure of corona infects has so far crossed one lakh, while more than 2 thousand people have died. The editor of the Pakistani newspaper Dawn has surrounded his own government with these figures. In fact, he has compared Uttar Pradesh and Pakistan and said that Pakistan is in a better position than Uttar Pradesh in every respect, but in spite of that there is a higher death rate in Pakistan than Corona.

Dawn editor Fahd Hussain has tweeted that the population density in Uttar Pradesh is almost 3 times higher than Pakistan, but why is the death rate of corona infected in Pakistan still higher?

Fahd wrote, till June 5, about 2 thousand people died in Pakistan while in Uttar Pradesh the figure was just 257. At the same time, compared to the figures of 7 June, the infection rate in Pakistan has crossed one lakh, while in UP, 10 and a half thousand people were corona infected.

He said, we do not follow the lockdown as strictly as UP did. He questioned why so many deaths are happening in Pakistan.

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