Tuesday , July 27 2021

Oral sex can destroy your life, these dangerous diseases can happen

There are many couples who consider oral sex to be the most exciting and without it, consider their sex life incomplete, but hardly they know that oral sex brings with it a lot of troubles and dangers.

Admittedly, oral sex has been tried in ancient times from Egypt to Greece, Rome and India and is also mentioned in the book ‘Kamasutra’, but there is also a need to understand that every sexual act has a positive and negative effect. . Let’s know what is the danger from oral sex ….

If a person is already infected with HIV or sexually transmitted diseases ie STD, then no physical contact should be maintained with that person. By having oral sex with an infected person, there is a risk of spreading the infection to another person as well.

Bleeding from the gums, any injury to the mouth and mouth sores are also at risk of infection of diseases like HIV or STD during oral sex. Viruses and bacteria of these diseases can also spread through injury, wound, abscess or mucous membrane on the body.

If you are feeling any kind of itching or itching in your body, then avoid making any kind of physical relationship with your partner because herpes can easily reach the mouth from the genitals.

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