Tuesday , August 3 2021

Only one tune from Banaras, the city of temples and ghats, if the rule will prevail in UP, only Yogi’s

What you see is sold. Now no one should have any doubts. Like some time ago, a slogan used to resonate that if you want to stay in Gorakhpur then you have to say Yogi-Yogi. Proving exactly the same in today’s date, on Thursday, in the city of temples and ghats, PM Narendra Modi made one thing clear that Yogi Adityanath will live and be seen. No one can stand in front of Yogi now.

While giving a gift of 1583 crores to Kashi, which is developing on the lines of Kyoto, PM Modi told that under the leadership of Yogi, tremendous work is being done in Uttar Pradesh. He said that if any state has dealt swiftly with Corona, the most dreadful epidemic of the century in the country, then it is Uttar Pradesh itself. While reciting and sculpting ballads in the glory of Yogi, Naman said that no one seems to like the way Yogi himself takes to solve the problem.

face and base

Coming to the land of Banaras, Modi dismissed all those speculations that nothing is going well with Yogi. If he spoke directly, he stamped on Yogi Adityanath that the same face and base will remain in the elections. No matter what the world talks about, but Adityanath’s work is heavy on all this. It has become clear like water from today’s legends that the PM himself is standing behind Yogi. Even though the last election was fought with the face of the PM in front, this time the election will rest on the face of Yogi.

He left no stone unturned to surround the SP and BSP in gestures and gestures. He said that earlier also the money used to come from the center, but did not reach you. But now it is coming directly to you. Of course, someone else has talked about making Uttar Pradesh a perfect state, but only Yogi is implementing it. Whether take law and order or administrative. Everyone’s hero is Yogi.

because work speaks

As soon as he took over the mic, the PM made a wonderful appearance in the typical Banarasi style. While praising the cultural capital of India, he said about the entire state that Yogi’s work is speaking everywhere. Seeing any problem from him personally is a commendable compliment. Although the truth is also a fact that a few days ago, from one corner of the world where the UP CM was taunted for the corpses landing in the Ganges, some honorable people from the other end were also appreciating his work fiercely.

In Kashi, the PM said that the way UP prevented the spread of corona infection is unprecedented. Earlier in UP, even small crises used to become formidable. UP has done a great job in dealing with this biggest epidemic. In difficult times, no stone was left unturned in efforts. Today the situation in UP is getting better again. Today UP is number one in the testing and vaccination of Corona in the whole country. He said that the resources related to cleanliness and health, which are being prepared, will be effective in dealing with such epidemics in the future. Where earlier there used to be a dozen medical colleges, now their number has quadrupled.

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