Monday , August 2 2021

One crore fraud in the name of the job in Ambedkarnagar, unemployed youth of the district succumbed to the trap of Sanjay Tandon and mafias

Lucknow. Unemployed youth often become victims due to fraudsters in the name of jobs all over the state, they also realize this fraud when they have lost money and time. One such case has again come up in the Ambedkarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Where in the name of a job in a college, a thug is absconding with crores of rupees from the unemployed youth of the district. The special thing is that he is now threatening the same people with many big mafias in the name of returning the money.

In Akbarpur of Ambedkar Nagar district, Sanjay Tandon is the person who created the youth by making a conspiracy in a planned manner. Which is originally a resident of Ramjanaki temple Shehzadpur in the Akbarpur area of ​​Ambedkarnagar district.

Sanjay Tandon’s network of recovery and forgery is so built in the village that in every area, money is easily available for recovery in the name of private or government jobs. Every time he survives in the name of his good relations with many mafias and government officials of the district.

For the past few years, this business of forgery has been going on with great disdain. It is also shocking that with the connivance of the principal of a school located at the district headquarters, Sanjay Tandon is carrying out his fraudulent business. A legal investigation is going on against the Principal for conspiring with Sanjay Tandon to commit economic embezzlement and corruption. This time, in the name of a job in an inter college and degree college in the district, one crore people had received Rs 1 crore in 2017, which has not been returned till now. At the same time, many people have also got a call from a mafia known as the sepoy of the area.

Sanjay Tandon conspicuously sends complaint letters against his near/close people to high officials with fake names and addresses, when there is a reply to many complaint letters, then it collects a considerable amount from the victim to suppress the investigation process. . Many youths who have been victims of its fraud conspiracy, have given many audios, video evidence against Sanjay Tandon to the administration and pleaded for help/justice.

Sanjay Tandon is a person of criminal tendency. There are already many cases against it in the District Court, which are registered in 233,224,225,225 B, 504 Sections. Apart from this, case number 61/2000 is registered in 22-3- 2000, it was absconding from police custody.

At the same time, a lawsuit has been filed against Sanjay Tandon on behalf of the Department itself in the Department of Revenue. It is just learned that Sanjay Tandon was in the run of Dubai with money in 2016 but failed to escape due to the police department not giving a clean chit. On the other hand, regional trusted sources say that soon Sanjay Tandon is about to leave the country through his fake passport because he has given money to get a fake passport on the basis of his very high identity if all remains the same. And if the district administration did not pay attention, then soon it will be able to escape.

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