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On the relationship between Navya Naveli Nanda and Meejan Jaffrey, father Javed Jaffrey said – No one is in a relationship just by adding names

The news of the relationship between Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda and Javed Jaffrey’s son Meezan Jaffrey often remains in the headlines. Various speculations are made about them, but both of them never spoke openly about their relationship. At the same time, during a conversation with a website, Javed spoke openly about the relationship between these two.

He is focused on his work
Javed says, “Once upon a time my name was associated with many girls (laughs). Now, what can one do in such a situation? Now one does not get into a relationship with only the name being added. Now if Meezaan is with a girl. While going in the car, people start speculating, that there is something between these two. Now today’s generation is studying in a co-ed school, in school, all their friend circle consists of boys and girls together.

I went to a boys’ school, all my friends were boys, yet girls were named after them. Meezaan also has many female friends, and a friend is always a friend. Now any girl is sitting with you, chatting, hugging you, it does not mean that she is in a relationship.
Meezaan and Navya are also such friends, I don’t think there is anything more between them than this. Right now he is focused only on his work and does not want any kind of distraction.”

Meezaan is just beginning
Meezaan Jaffrey’s debut film ‘Hungama 2’ was not successful in impressing the audience. According to father Javed, this is just the beginning. He says, “The film may not have done well at the box office, but I have not heard from anyone that the film was rubbish. Some liked it, some liked it.
The special thing is that his personality is very strong, his screen presence is very good, voice is also fine, I hope he will polish himself. Despite being a part of this industry for so many years, I am still learning, now this is the beginning of Meezaan, I am sure that he will progress slowly in his career.”

I was also compared to my father
In comparison with himself, Javed says, “Everyone will compare him to me, especially about dancing and comedy level, but usually Meezaan never takes the pressure of it, I have also explained to him that my feet are grounded. But keep it. He is also very mature and will give his 100 percent in his work. I was also compared to my father (comedian Jagdeep).”

Javed is also known for mimicry
Apart from being an actor, Javed is also known for lending his voice. His way of speaking and imitating has impressed the audience a lot. Recently, was a part of Sony’s show ‘Ding Dong Bell, Masti Ka Khel’.

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