Tuesday , July 27 2021

On seeing this particular part of women, men become drunk

Often, things start coming into the minds of men as soon as they see girls. Just like men like everything of women. Many times it comes to light that men like only breasts in women. According to British biologist, men always choose intelligence. That is, they also like straight legs. This is because wisely men anticipate what a woman would be like as a mother.

According to Benbridge, it is also an illusion that men always like big breasts. Regarding this, he said that – men like puberty, so they may not like big breasts because they cause women to look older early. As far as the legs are concerned, the men do not matter more than the length, just the legs should be straight.

Men do not like twisted or crooked legs because they are a sign of developmental diseases. But men like curves and stuffed hips too. The plentiful meat in these places means that the woman has accumulated so much fat in her early years that she can supply the right amount to the baby in her womb.

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