Tuesday , October 19 2021

On one side, attempts to reduce tension on the Ladakh border, on the other hand, China is threatened by India

Beijing: The ongoing deadlock along the Indo-China border in eastern Ladakh and Sikkim is being overcome after military-level talks. However, it seems that Beijing’s official media is leaving no stone unturned in efforts to reduce tensions on the Indo-China border between the two countries. Now China’s official newspaper Global Times has again threatened the Prime Minister of India (PM Narendra Modi) government. The newspaper has written in its editorial that India has been following the principle of non-alignment since the beginning. In such a situation, he should follow this policy and America Should be kept away from If the Modi government goes to the US on the bilateral issues of India-China, then China will not hesitate to take political or economic steps to protect its interests.

Adopted cold-warm stance
The Chinese newspaper Global Times wrote in its editorial threatening India, “To a lesser extent, the tension on the Indo-China border will provide an opportunity for economic and trade exchanges between the two countries in the future. This is in the interest of both countries. If tensions remain or change in conflict in the worst case, then there is little left in India-China relations. If we see the impact of politics on the economy and trade, then bilateral trade will undoubtedly be affected because anti-China sentiments are increasing rapidly in India. However, the news side also writes, “As of now it seems that everything seems to be moving in a positive direction, which is indicating the reduction of tension on the border. This means that bilateral economic and trade cooperation will increase in the future which will give relief to the Indian economy. That too when the Indian economy is already staggering ‘.

India should follow the policy of non-alignment and
at the same time, the newspaper writes in a warning manner that the global geopolitical situation has become more complicated in recent times. China and the United States are on the verge of a new Cold War and in the meantime, Australia and India have announced a new comprehensive strategic partnership. Chinese newspaper wrote, ‘On this occasion, India is facing additional geopolitical pressure and greed. India has followed the policy of non-alignment in its foreign policy for a long time. It remains to be seen whether India retains its long-standing policy of non-alignment and its diplomatic independence or leans towards a US-led alliance in the changing geopolitical environment. ‘

Global Times wrote, ‘If the Modi government chooses to make China its friend, then China-India economic relations will definitely increase further. However, if India went with America to weaken China, China would not hesitate to protect its interests, whether they were political or economic. It will be very difficult for India to lose the friendship of China, which will be very difficult for them to bear. The Global Times quoted Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Chunying as saying that China and India have taken steps to reduce tensions at the border following the consensus reached between the two sides. The Chinese newspaper said that some analysts have praised the official statement, which gives a clear indication that the ongoing deadlock between the two countries is reducing. The newspaper wrote that the economy of the economy is bad due to the lockdown in India and the urban unemployment rate reached 27 percent in May. Meanwhile, grasshoppers may also launch a major attack in India in the future. This will put an additional burden on the food supply. The Indian government needs to take this seriously.

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