Monday , August 2 2021

OMG! So that’s why she sleeps with a snake, this girl

The story of a young woman has come to the fore on whose bed a snake has appeared twice. The family members believe that Lord Shiva has special grace on their daughter, so snakes do not bite her. This is not a film story, but a true incident that happened with Davinder Kaur alias Rimpi, a girl from Khanna’s Krishna Nagar, who survived even after sleeping with snakes 2 times in a row


# Davinder Kaur has told that all the members of her family had gone to Delhi airport to drop her brother going abroad. When she woke up around 8 in the morning, she saw that a white snake of about 4 feet was also sleeping on the bed with her. She was very scared seeing him.

Still, gathering courage, he picked up his phone on the fridge and informed about this incident to his mother Harbhajan Kaur and other family members. At that time the family members had reached Rajpura. After reaching home, the family members saw that the snake was sleeping inside the quilt, after catching it, they left it in the fields.

# One day again on Thursday morning at around 8.30, when she woke up, a 5 feet long snake was sleeping on her bed at the same place. When the family members came into the room on making noise, the snake lifted its hood and started whining loudly. With great difficulty, the family members somehow controlled the snake and left it in the fields.

# According to Davinder Kaur, she had felt something happening to her 2-3 times on Thursday night, but she did not turn on the light due to the high night. Thankfully the snake did not bite him during this time.

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