Sunday , September 26 2021

OMG! Here food is available in the toilet, know what is the reason!

As soon as we hear the name of the hotel or restaurant, water starts coming on our tongue and in front of our eyes there is a delicious food and a great table, but if you are served vegetables in a pot like toilet and have to eat while sitting on the operation table, then you can come. This restaurant is located in Semarang, Indonesia. The amazing thing is that this theme of the restaurant has been designed keeping in mind a special campaign, not for any fun.

# The owner of this cafe, Budi Lacsono, says that he is doing this for the sake of his society. Laksono is also a doctor. He wants that with this campaign, the attention of people in Indonesia should go towards clean toilets. Buddy complains that about 2.5 crore households in the country still do not have toilets. This lack of cleanliness keeps people sick and takes the country back.

Non-availability of toilets is a major problem in third world countries like India and Indonesia. According to the World Health Organization, about 65 million people in Indonesia were defecating in the open in 2014. This Muslim-majority country does not like this themed cafe at all. According to him, this cafe is against Islamic law. However, Buddy takes special care of the cleanliness and quality of the food at this cafe.

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