Sunday , September 19 2021

Number of twins increases rapidly in the world, 1.6 million twins born every year

New Delhi :The new revelation about the birth of twins in the world is shocking. Actually, their number is increasing rapidly. At present, as many twin children are being born, it has never happened in history. One-third of twins have been born in the last 40 years. This has been revealed in a global study on twins. Around one in 40 children in the world are born as twins. However, this number is much higher than before. The birth of children with the help of doctors (IVF) is being said to be the biggest reason for this. According to a research report published in the science journal Human Reproduction, 1.6 million twins are born every year in the world. Right there

Researchers collected and analyzed data from 165 countries for the years 2010-2015. During this time 99 percent of the world’s population was included in it. Africa has the highest rate of twins. However, researchers have attributed this to the genetic difference between the continent of Africa and the rest of the world. One researcher said that there is also concern over the increase in the number of twins in poor countries of the world. In the developed countries, the reproduction-assisted technique, ART, emerged since the 1970s. It has since made a major contribution to the birth of twins. Now many women are becoming mothers at an older age and then they are more likely to have twins. Women are starting their families after being alone at an early age and with this the fall in overall fertility rate has also been attributed to this.

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