Wednesday , October 20 2021

Not only cricket, Sunil Gavaskar is also world champion in this matter

It is well known that Sunil Gavaskar is the champion of the 1983 ODI World Cup. But do you know that is another thing he also describes himself as the world champion? Gavaskar himself has disclosed this in a cricket program. In this event, Gavaskar also reacted to the condition of Kovid-19, Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 and 2020 T20 World Cup.

Gavaskar said I am also a world champion in making tea from tea bags. Gavaskar said that no one can make good tea from him in the world. Let me tell you that whenever someone meets or visits Gavaskar or talks about tea, they make it themselves and serve others also. Gavaskar says that I am the world champion in making tea from tea bags. This shows that Gavaskar is very fond of tea.

During the same season, Gavaskar also gave his opinion on the matches between Kovid-19. He said, if there are matches without spectators, then the players will play the cricket ground. He said, when spectators are seen in the stadium, any team plays, there is a different atmosphere, fans cheering. Players may no longer be seen in the empty stadium. The filled stadium was a different fun, as there was a lot of excitement in the audience. Gavaskar said that even when the batsmen put a boundary, glove love will not be seen, now cricket will be completely sanitized.

Further, Gavaskar said about the young players who are spending the day in lockdown, ‘Young generation feels a little bad. There is an energy in the youth but it is difficult to stop that energy by staying at home. Staying at home gives players some frustration, it is very difficult to cope and handle such situations. When a player sweats on the field, he feels good but not getting a chance to play there will eat everyone.

The ODI world champion said, there will be a fear in the mind of every player regarding the ball in the coming times. Because of the epidemic, they will not be able to use saliva on the ball. Explain that everyone will be tested before the match. If any player is upset with Kovid-19, he has to be excluded. Replacement can come for that.

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