Tuesday , October 19 2021

No new tax will be levied on people to fix economy: Yogi

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday said that his state has benefited the most from the economic package announced by the central government during the Corona crisis and the state government will not impose any new tax on the public to compensate for the financial loss caused by the lockdown. . Yogi told reporters through virtual medium here that Uttar Pradesh has benefited the most from the poor welfare package announced by the central government and other relief. The result of that is that we have been able to carry forward our plans successfully.

He said, “… (under unlock), while controlling the prohibited area, preparations are being made to give exemption to maximum work in the remaining places. Our economic activities are advancing rapidly and we are getting good revenue this month as compared to last month. Instead of imposing a separate tax on the people, we are focusing on giving maximum relief to it.


After more than two months of lockdown, Yogi said amidst the preparations for ‘Unlock-1’, “The activities in the state will progress slowly but we will have to be ready for some time now. The gathering will have to be stopped at all costs. If we run by controlling it in public places, social and religious programs in religious places, then surely we will defeat Corona. ”

He admitted, “In the last 12–15 days cases of corona infection have suddenly increased. To prevent this, we have made medical screening teams around one lakh. We have to break the chain of corona virus and we are moving the entire system in a very good way. “While expressing his resolve to follow the Centre’s guidelines regarding Unlock-1, he said,” Both for interstate affairs Consent of the states will be necessary.

We are going to start taxi and bus service from one state to another. If someone is going from one state to another by private means, then there is no restriction in it, provided it is not dangerous for public health. The local administration will decide this. “On the question of coordinating the interests of migrant workers on a large scale despite the presence of manpower already in the state, the Chief Minister said,” We have started a meeting with every industry . They need a large number of workers. There are vast possibilities in MSMEs. Planning is being done for migrant workers, youth and students. During the lockdown, 30 lakh migrant workers and workers have come to Uttar Pradesh. Everyone believed that they would cause chaos, but we believed that this is our strength. ”

Referring to the guarantee of social and economic security by the Uttar Pradesh government through capacity development for every laborer, he said that the government has set up a Workmen / Labor Welfare Commission and to make the employment offices of the districts more active Is going The Chief Minister said that the state has started receiving new investment proposals. Teams and Group of Ministers have been formed to get investment.

We are working on a war footing. We have established desks for USA, Japan and South Korea. Wherever investment can come, an effort is being made to provide employment to every person by fixing a policy accordingly. He congratulated the Prime Minister and his cabinet on the commencement of the second term of the Narendra Modi government at the Center, and said that earlier the issues used to be limited to slogans, Modi has done the work of turning them into reality.

He claimed that for the first time farmers in the country got the benefit of minimum support price. He said that the Modi government has ended the practice of triple talaq which has hurt the dignity of women for centuries. The historic mistake of a government was rectified by removing Article 370 of Kashmir, a symbol of terrorism, which challenged the sovereignty of the country.

The Chief Minister said that the demand for granting citizenship of India to religiously oppressed people in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan has been fulfilled through the amended citizenship law, or the symbol of India’s faith for 500 years. The actions to come forward with a positive role in paving the way for the construction of the grand Ram temple on the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram, all these programs took place in the second term of the Modi government.

Yogi said that the decision taken by Prime Minister Modi in a time-bound and foresighted manner is a result of the Corona crisis comparing the number of infected and dying people in the world with the population of 135 crore in a country like India with all the developed countries of the world. If we do, India finds itself in the safe zone. This required lockdown.

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