Wednesday , May 12 2021

Neha Dhupia urges fans to ‘stay strong’, ‘stay safe’

Neha Dhupia urges fans to 'stay strong', 'stay safe'

Neha Dhupia urges fans to ‘stay strong’, ‘stay safe’

Actress Neha Dhupia on Monday tweeted urging fans to stay strong as India battles the deadly second wave of Covid-19. The actress requested all to stay at home and be safe, but also encouraged them to be “positive”.

“Stay strong, stay positive , stay home , stay safe,” she wrote.

Talking about the situation today, the actress also posted: “Somewhere between hope and despair…”

Neha has always been very vocal about the issues that she believes in. She also took to social media recently to talk about how we should “normalise” breastfeeding and not “sexualise” it. She spoke about how breastfeeding mothers are looked at in a sexual manner.

Neha and her husband actor Angad Bedi were blessed with a baby after six months after their wedding. The couple had a baby girl, Mehr, in 2018. While the couple keeps sharing pictures on social media, they haven’t revealed the face of their daughter yet. Angad says this is their efforts as parents to protect the child from media scrutiny. However, when she grows up, she is free to be in the limelight if she wants to.

“I get many requests from fans to see her picture and I feel that everyone wants to see her. She is her own person. She is two right now and may be when she is five or six years old, she will ask us why we are not putting her picture out. That can be asked to us. We just want to secure her and if in future she is comfortable with having her imagery out, we are no one to question that. Till the time she is okay with it, we would like to protect her,” Angad told IANS.

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