Monday , April 12 2021

Nachiket Lele out of Indian Idol12!Singer said – I will not sit quietly

Sony TV’s singing reality show ‘Indian Idol 12’ remains a popular TV show these days. Singers from all over the country are entertaining people with their melodious voices in this show. In any reality show, there comes a time when the voting of the audience matters as well as the appreciation of the judges to the contestants. Whoever gets fewer votes has to go out. Nachiket Lele, who was the melodious singer of the show, had to leave the stage of ‘Indian Idol 12’ due to fewer votes.Fans of Nachiket Lele were disappointed on Sunday when they came to know that they would no longer be able to listen to their favorite singer on the stage of ‘Indian Idol 12’. Nachiket’s name appeared in the elimination round of the reality show. The singer has shared a special video message on social media to his fans and the team of the show.Nachiket is telling about his entire journey with his show in this video message. Nachiket has told that this show does not only improve the singing quality of a contestant but his entire personality changes after appearing in this show. Nachiket has been praising all the judges of the show and saying that he should take the learned from him further in his career.With this, thank you to everyone associated with the show, from camera person to makeup artist. Thanking everyone for their cooperation, the singer said that he will not stop now but will do more shows and he will not sit silently at all, will keep his fans entertained. Everyone needs love for this. This week, all the contestants on the show were seen making a blast in the special episode Neetu Singh-Rishi Kapoor.

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