Tuesday , September 28 2021

Money Heist 5: Netflix released the video 3 days before the release, gave this special information about each episode

The last season 5 of Netflix’s popular crime web series Money Heist is being released in two parts. The first part Volume One is coming on 3rd September, about which there is a lot of curiosity among its fans. The special thing is that this series is originally from the Spanish language, but its fans are all over the world and there is no shortage in India too. This is the reason why the trailer of the last season of the series has been released separately in the Hindi language.

Just 3 days before the release of Money Heist, Netflix has revealed its episodes. The platform has shared a video, according to which the first volume will have five episodes and the titles of all these episodes have also been given.

Episode 1- The End Of The Road

Episode 2- Do You Believe in Reincarnation? (Do You Believe In Reincarnation?)

Episode 3- Welcome To The Show Of Life

Episode 4- Your Place In Heaven

Episode 5- Live Many Lives

Related scenes have also been shared with these titles.

Money Heist is being released in Spanish under the title La Casa De Papel, which in English means – The House of Paper… But the series was released to an international audience under the name Money Heist and This name has become very popular now.

The reason we wait for Money Heist Season 5 is that the professor and his team are trapped in a situation where there is no escape. Fans are desperate to find out what the Professor devises to save his team. Let us tell you, the second volume of Season 5 will come on December 3. According to the information, there will be only 5 episodes in it.

The fourth season came out in 2020, with 8 episodes. All four seasons are available on Netflix. Apart from Spanish, the show is available on Netflix in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages.

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