Tuesday , October 19 2021

Married in another religion, married to a friend’s sister, the cricketer’s love story is a film!

Former India cricketer Ajit Agarkar had recently applied to become the chief selector, though he was not selected, but it is believed that next year he will join the team of selectors, a decade for the Indian team. Agarkar, who has played cricket for more than many times, has performed brilliantly many times, he also had the ability to play good innings with the bat, at one time he was known as an all-rounder, because of the ball as well as the bat Effective performance than, well today we tell you about the career of the fast bowler but not the personal life.

Love to  friend’s sister

When Ajit Agarkar made his debut for the Indian team, during this time, his special friend Mazhar often used to go to see his matches, Mazhar was accompanied by his sister Fatima, Mazhar introduced his sister to a friend, after which both of them I became friends when friendship turned into love, both did not know, both wanted to get married, but due to separation of religion, both of their families were not ready for this relationship.
The people, as well as outsiders against the marriage, started criticizing this decision of Ajit Agarkar, let me tell you that Ajit is a Marathi Pandit while Fatima Muslim, because of this, despite the love of both, they do not have access to the love story wedding pavilion After that, Agarkar decided to break every wall of religion in the year 2002, both got married. Even the family members agreed

Both of their families were against this marriage, but when both made up their minds that they could not live without each other, the householders also had to surrender for the happiness of the children, although the relationship lasted a few days after the wedding. There was tension, but then gradually the situation returned to normal.

Ajit Agarkar made many achievements during his cricketing career, Ajit, who made his debut in the Kochi ODI against Australia on 1 April 1998, confirmed his place in the Indian team in a very short time, the same year he got the Test cap against Zimbabwe Also, Agarkar has taken 288 wickets in 191 ODIs.

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