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Many revelations in Raj Kundra’s new chat! preparation of Plan B was going on in the new WhatsApp group

Raj Kundra WhatsApp Chat: A new WhatsApp chat of Raj Kundra, husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, surfaced. Raj Kundra had prepared Plan B. Raj Kundra, the husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, was arrested by the Mumbai Police on July 19 for making adult films, he has now been sent to custody till July 23. On the previous day, pictures of WhatsApp chats of a group called H accounts went viral on social media. It was claimed that Raj Kundra was also associated with this group. Now another such chat has surfaced, in which a group named Bolly Fame has also appeared, which was created on 30 October. Raj Kundra’s chats acquired by Zee news revealed that Raj Kundra and his team were aware of the police and other threats due to pornography. Along with this, complete preparations were also being done for this. Not only this, but his plan B was also ready for this.

Raj Kundra had prepared Plan B

On November 18 last year, Raj Kundra’s application Hotshots Digital was suspended due to Google Play’s policy violation. The latest chats with Zee news show that Raj Kundra was already aware of this. Raj Kundra and his team had also prepared Plan B for this. Raj Kundra did not face any problem even after the application was suspended.

18 November chatRaj Kundra writes, ‘As soon as Plan B starts, the new application will be live on iOS and Android at the most in two to three weeks.’ On this, Rob, Digital Marketing at Hotshots Digital says, ‘Till the time the new app comes, we deactivate all bold movies and request to restore the application from Play Store.’

November 10 chat

A chat has surfaced on 10 November 2020. A news article has been shared in this. According to this news article, 7 OTT platforms were summoned for showing porn content. To this, the answer comes, ‘Thank God U planned BF.’ In response to this, Raj Kundra says, ‘For the time being, remove more bold content from the OTT platform. Let’s talk about it after reaching the office. We have to find a way to keep HS (Hotshots).

The police action was already anticipated

A person from Raj Kundra’s team says, ‘I doubt that they (police) will be able to do some damage to Alt Balaji.’ Raj Kundra says in response that it is not so serious, he only wants to remove the objectionable content. Our life is going well. In the same chat, a person says, ‘Removing more bold content will not help.’ In response to this, Raj Kundra says, ‘So even if more bold content is removed, there will be no significant effect. In today’s time, movie revenue is hardly 15 to 20 thousand rupees per day. On this, I will talk to you once after reaching the office. Preparing to start live content

In response to Raj Kundra’s talk, a person says, ‘The future is of live content. If you cannot record the screen in it, then even playing the movie will not make any difference. Sell ​​the old content so that 50 L can be recovered soon.

11 October chat

At the same time, a chat of October 11 has also surfaced, in which some figures have been discussed. Also, in this chat, the payment of an artist named Priya Sen Gupta has been talked about. Pradeep Bakshi is being asked in this chat for payment.

30 October chat

The chat of 30 October has been done in a group named Bolly Fame. This new group has been created only on 30 October. According to this, when the first application Hotshots was closed by Google Play under Plan B, before that, these people had made another application named Bolly Fame, whose domain these people were also preparing to buy. Along with Raj Kundra, people associated with the H account were also included in this group. In this group, Raj Kundra is talking about finding the domain.

Let me tell you, some chats have been done personally with Raj Kundra and some in chat group named H account and Bolly fame. The H Accounts group has a total of five participants, including Raj Kundra, Megha Vian Accounts, Pradeep Bakshi, Rob Digital Marketing Hotshots, and Roy Evans Content Head Hotshots.

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