Wednesday , October 20 2021

Lockdown, border will also be sealed in Punjab, Inter-state bus service closed in Chandigarh

Chandigarh: Punjab is once again moving towards lockdown amid rising cases of Corona Virus. The border is also ready to be sealed. At the same time, the inter-state bus service has also been stopped in Chandigarh. However, the government has now announced a complete lockdown on weekends and any holiday, in which no one will be allowed to leave the house except for essential services. That is, there will be a complete lockdown in Punjab on Saturday and Sunday.

The government took the decision of the lockdown, then the Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh, is making continuous efforts to deal with the Corona crisis. Most of the cases of Coronavirus reported in Punjab recently were from travel history. In view of this, the government has decided that people coming by flight or train will have to remain quarantined at home for 14 days. Apart from this, the inter-state bus service has been stopped in Chandigarh.

The border will be sealed 
The Punjab government has decided to seal the border as well. The government says that due to people coming from other states, Corona cases are increasing rapidly in Punjab. On average, 500 to 800 vehicles are coming from the national capital to Punjab every day. With this, the Punjab government is also considering that the corona test should be made compulsory for people coming from Delhi and other states.


The movement will pass, now there will be a complete lockdown on weekends and public holidays in Punjab. During this time, only those connected with essential services will be allowed to exit. No one can get out without the movement pass. After this, during the holidays and weekends in Punjab, all citizens will have to make movements only by downloading the e-pass from the Punjab government’s COVA app.

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