Tuesday , June 15 2021

KRK scared after Mika Singh’s class, Twitter account locked



Kamal R Khan remains a part of the headlines these days. Giving him a review of Salman’s film Radhe and saying abusive words about him has become overwhelming. Salman Khan has filed a defamation case against KRK. Recently, her class was put up by singer Micah Singh. After which he has now locked his Twitter account. He has locked his account on Sunday, now only his followers can see his updates on Twitter.

Singer Micah Singh and self-proclaimed film critic Kamal Rashid Khan are currently in a confrontation. The two were taking personal sarcasm at each other. It is also heard that KRK has blocked Micah from his Twitter!

Micah Singh had a class
Micah Singh had posted a fierce class of KRK by sharing the post on social media and said that he makes soft people his target. Responding to a user’s tweet, Micah Singh tweeted – It only screws with the famous and descent people of Bollywood. But will not take it from the father. Please tell my son unblock me. I am not Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap. I am the father of it.

Micah Singh supported Salman Khan
Micah Singh also supported Salman Khan on social media and he said in the video that he did a great job by hurting the case against KRK. He further said, but I am angry with my brother why he took so long to do this work. This is my neighbor If something is wrong about me, then the case will not be a direct slap.

Micah further said that KRK is a big mouse that he will not come out of his bill, because he knows he is going to slap as soon as he gets out.



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