Sunday , April 11 2021

Kanika Kapoor was Bollywood’s first Corona positive celeb, said- It was a very difficult period because people were saying anything without knowing the truth.

Singer Kanika Kapoor is the first Bollywood celebrity to be positive for the Coronavirus. When her Covid Test positive came in March last year, she was fiercely rammed in the media and on social media. Now Singer has spoken about his bad phase in an interview. “It was a very difficult time. It was almost shocking to see that people were speaking anything without knowing the truth and the situation,” she told an agency interview.

The case was filed in Uttar Pradesh

Last year when it was reported that Kanika was Covid positive, there were also reports of her joining several high-profile parties. It was being said that after returning from London, Kanika chose to go to parties instead of going to isolation. Uttar Pradesh had also filed a case against her for concealing her travel history.

People wanted to be mean: Kanika

Says Kanika, “It was very sad to see that people just wanted to be meanwhile they knew that someone was ill. I think that was a very bad phase. Hopefully, people will learn and understand what they say And what does that means. I hope that after the pandemic their outlook will change and they will be helpful. ”

Artists were badly affected

According to Kanika, the epidemic has badly affected the artists. She says, “It was a very difficult time because there was no daily income that the artist relies on. During this time we thought that the music companies had all the rights to our music. I think this is the right time.” Is when musicians own some of their publishing. ”

Kanika gave this explanation last year

Kanika clarified on social media after recovering from Corona last year. She wrote, “All the people I came in contact with were found to be negative in the investigation. I did not organize a single party. If I had known about the disease, I would not have done so at all. I had a problem I got the test done. I went to the hospital after being tested positive. ”

Kanika further wrote, “I know that many stories have been made about me. Some grew more because I remained silent. I was not silent because I was wrong. I knew that people were misinformed. I was just waiting for people to understand the truth themselves. I thank my family, friends, and fans who understood me at such a time. ”

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