Tuesday , October 19 2021

Kamal Haasan described China as stabbing in the back

Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan said on Sunday that China attacked Indian soldiers in Ladakh on June 15 and stabbed India. The founder of the Makkal Needhi Mayim Party (MNM) said that the right to ask questions is the root of democracy. He said, “It is disrespectful for the army to say that its morale will be shaken by some questions asked by the citizens of the government. Our army is more strict than this, but their lives should not be taken lightly. “

Government’s strategy failed miserably

In a statement, Haasan said that a diplomatic success was claimed over the Mahabalipuram summit. He said, “Only 8 months later  China stabbed our unarmed soldiers in our back. If this is the result of government diplomacy, then either their strategy failed miserably or they failed to understand China’s intentions correctly. “

Haasan said the government needs to answer some questions

Haasan said that in both cases it is the government that needs to answer some more questions. But we will leave for another day. He also asked the central government what was being done to stop China’s attack on the border. Kamal Haasan said that the army is the last resort if diplomacy fails. To stop the rumors, he demanded the Central Government disclose what had actually happened in the Galway Valley that day.

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