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Jyotish Upay: Curses ruin life, these remedies will give immediate relief

Astro Remedies: It is said that cursing spoils the life of a person. That’s why one should try not to curse anyone. Many times it happens that people work hard but do not get success even after a lot of effort. The reason for this could also be the curse given by someone knowingly or unknowingly. Due to cursing many times even a rich person has to live in poverty.

According to the experts of astrology, sometimes we hurt people’s hearts unknowingly. They are not able to harm us in any way, but the curse that comes out of their heart brings misfortune to us.

Because of this, our work gets spoiled in the making. Debt increases in a person, and there is a delay in marriage and a delay in having children. But there are some such measures, from which you can get relief.

What are the ways to avoid cursing?

There is no remedy in the scriptures for cursing given from the heart. But if you help the person who has cursed, then its effect will end on its own.

If you are not able to do this then go to the temple and sit in front of Lord Shiva and chant Shiva-Shiva for at least 24 minutes. This will end the effect of cursing. Along with this, you will get rid of other problems as well.

Make a bundle by tying seven pieces of alum, a little black sesame, seven whole red chilies, and seven nutmegs in a cloth on Friday night. Then keep it at home. The next day wake up early in the morning and meditate on God. Ask them to remove all troubles and obstacles from our lives, and drive away diseases, sorrows, and grief from home. After this, press this bundle in the root of the Peepal tree in a deserted place. With this remedy also the effect of cursing will end.

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