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Juhi Chawla narrated a funny anecdote, ‘When Shahrukh was called to the house party, he arrived after 2:30 pm, then I too had slept’

Many co-stars and directors have shared about Shahrukh Khan that he is late. Recently, his co-star in many films, Juhi Chawla has also narrated an anecdote related to lateness. Juhi said in a comedy show that once there was a party in her house in which Shahrukh Khan was also invited but he reached it very late.

Came so late in the party that Juhi was already asleep

Juhi said, ‘Whenever there is a party in my house, we invite Shahrukh. I have worked with him in many films and he is also a partner in our sports team so we often call him home. Once there was a party in the house, I called Shahrukh and everyone was happy to hear that he would come, especially my staff got excited to meet him as the staff members wanted to take pictures with him. When I called him at 11 pm, he told me that he would be a little late but he would come. When he came to my house after 2:30 pm, my staff was gone and I was asleep. The food was also over and everyone had left and Shahrukh came then.

Farah Khan also told the story

Before Juhi, director Farah Khan had also narrated the anecdote related to Shahrukh’s lateness in an interview. He had said, we all know that if there is a call time of 9 am on the set, then Shahrukh comes by 2 pm but it is fine. However, if he comes at 11 am, everything goes awry and we have to arrange everything. So I tell them that if you are coming late, always come late. Farah has made films like ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Main Hoon Naa with Shahrukh.

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