Thursday , September 23 2021

JP Nadda said in BJP state executive meeting – CM Yogi overcame Corona with 3T strategy

BJP is in mission mode for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. After the Prime Minister’s visit to Varanasi, BJP National President JP Nadda reached the state capital Lucknow on Friday. Addressing the state executive of UP, JP Nadda said, ‘We do not have much information about the effect of corona virus. As a former health minister who has seen Zika, plague etc. but I congratulate PM Narendra Modi for his strategy.

PM saved everyone by imposing lockdown: Nadda

The National President of BJP said, ‘During Corona, other developed countries including America found themselves helpless here, while Prime Minister Modi saved the country by imposing a lockdown. Earlier we had a test lab, now our condition is much better. Yogi ji has done more than 5 crore tests in UP with the strategy of 3T. Through this, the UP government has controlled Corona. PM Modi also praised UP. At the same time, the Australian MP also did it and he said that it would have been good if we had got a Prime Minister like UP CM.

PM changed the politics of the country: Nadda

JP Nadda said that Uttar Pradesh cannot be talked about without remembering the birthplace of Baba Vishwanath, Lord Ram, Lord Krishna. Uttar Pradesh is the land of saints. Kashi is the spiritual capital of the country. Prime Minister Narendra is an MP from Kashi. UP has changed the politics of the country. Yogi Adityanath has done a lot of work in development. To understand politics, it is important to understand what has happened. This Uttar Pradesh was earlier surrounded by appeasement and caste politics. In the last 4 years, Uttar Pradesh has become such a state which is leading. Congratulations to all for the victory of the party in the election of Zilla Parishad and Block Parishad.

India should not be compared with other countries of the world. Last year we were producing 300 metric tonnes and then 900 metric tonnes of oxygen, but within a week, PM Narendra Modi produced 9000 metric tonnes of oxygen when needed. During this, the Chief Minister of Delhi was doing politics regarding oxygen.

Nadda targets Akhilesh in gestures

If we talk about the vaccination of corona, then when polio vaccination was done all over the world, then its vaccine came in India. That too when Harsh Vardhan became the Health Minister of Delhi. But two indigenous vaccines were made in India. Congress first raised questions on this vaccine. A UP leader called it a BJP vaccine, whose father took the dose of this vaccine. Will such people take care of UP? The people of UP will answer them. By December, there will be a vaccine for everyone. Workers should also motivate people regarding this.

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