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Jitendra had started to flirt with another girl except for her fiance, the actor’s marriage got canceled 2 times

Famous Jitendra was born in a business family from ‘Jumping Jack’. His real name is Ravi Kapoor. Jitendra’s personal life was also in the news. He married his long-time girlfriend Shobha Kapoor but at one time he wanted to leave his fiance and marry Hema Malini.

Many actors wanted to marry Hema Malini and they also have Jitendra. Jitendra and Hema Malini’s closeness grew while shooting for the film ‘Dulhan’, but soon the actor’s fiance Shobha Kapoor got the idea. He asks Dharmendra to explain it to Hema. At the behest of Shobha, Dharmendra ended their relationship. It is also said that Jitendra and Hema were about to get married, but Dharmendra did not let this happen. Dharmendra later remarried Hema.
This is how Lobster of Sobha and Jitendra started

Talking about the love story of Shobha Kapoor and Jitendra, at the age of 14, Shobha was giving her heart to Jitendra. Both were friends and this friendship turned into love. Shobha was working at British Airways when Jitendra was trying his luck in Bollywood. Due to her job, she lived abroad and could not meet Jeetu.

After getting success in films, Jitendra and Shobha decided to get married but due to the poor health of the actor, their marriage was postponed, and meanwhile Hema’s entry into Jitendra’s life. But eventually, Shobha and Jitendra got married later.

Both have two children Ekta and Tushar. Both have become parents without marrying. Jitendra, 78, is away from films but continues to be a part of reality shows. He is also seen in events with the family.

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