Saturday , April 17 2021

Javed Ali said – Singing is Punjab’s culture, not in Gujarati, Punjab dominates in singles.

Famous singer Javed Ali is currently seen as a captain and performer in the ‘Indian Pro Music League’. He is leading the ‘Gujarat Rockers team in the show. The show is based on new lines of competition to be held in sports. During a special conversation, he said that the singing of Punjab is of singing culture but it is not like that in Gujarati when singles are dominated by Punjab.

Q- How is Indian Pro Music technically different from other singing reality shows?

A- Both Mentor and Contestant perform in it. Just as there are cricket matches in the IPL, similarly there are singing matches between singers from different states of the country. Initially, the audience could not understand its format. Now they are all enjoying it.

Q- How is ‘Gujarat Rockers’ hitting everyone?

A- There is a large variety in our team. Bhumi Trivedi is a Gujarati herself and sings Folk and Western Sub. Aditi Sharma holds onto Western. Hemant also sings contemporary and including Sufi. What else can I say about myself as a captain? The team is very well balanced. Confusion does not exist which song will sing which singer?

Q-Audience likes any Punjabi song naturally, but if you guys are singing only Gujarati folk, is this an extra challenge?

A- That is a very good question. This question also came to my mind. The music of Punjab has been in people’s minds for years. The song music of Gujarat sometimes comes as an element. The singing of Punjab is widespread. But our team is representing Gujarat. In such a situation, we would have raised the Punjabi attitude. So I learned the style of Gujarati folk songs. Worked on accents and pronunciation. This is the home ground for Bhumi Trivedi. I have presented Gujarati for the sake of giving something new. We could put Punjabi Tadka in it, but we made it indigenous, Kutch and Kathiawadi
Caught the style so that it looked different. It is a matter of fact that most singers rob Punjabi by singing Punjabi in reality shows, but they all do it.

Q- Singles are not doing justice to Gujarati songs. Why are they not becoming single?

A-Yes the singing of Punjab is singers and Gujarat has a typical style. Until that style comes, you cannot use Gujarati songs in singles. We are adopting something new to catch the Gujarati style in the show.

Q- With Shaan and Aakriti in the show, you continued the discussion on the stage. Are you upset?

A-Sourness did not come at all. I felt that the shape of the figure is high and they had their valid region. But we will judge according to the songs we are listening to on Face Value and I did the same. Many times we have found that in such shows, the judges cut the number, but do not give a solid reason for it. Laughter is a joke but I cannot do it. We are in the music field and in such a situation, the nuances of music should be discussed. So that the audience can also get acquainted with the techniques of singing.

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