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Indian Idol 12: Aditya Narayan slapped by a girl in a bar? Know what the host said

Indian Idol 12: Aditya Narayan is in controversy these days. Even before this, his name had appeared in many controversies. It is also said that Aditya was slapped by a girl in a bar dispute. These days along with Indian Idol 12, host Aditya Narayan is also in the news. Now it seems as if Aditya has a bond with Choli Daman. After making fun of Amit Kumar, son of legend singer Kishore Kumar, now Aditya Narayan made a controversial statement about Alibaug, after which he had to apologize with folded hands. By the way, Aditya does not have a new relationship with controversies, but he has been surrounded by controversies since the very early days of his career.

Controversy also arose at the airport

In the year 2017, Aditya Narayan (Aditya Narayan) raised controversy at Raipur Airport, while there he has also created a ruckus in the bar. Aditya Narayan (Aditya Narayan) had threatened the Raipur airport staff to take off the luggage. This whole matter was raised about more luggage. In return, the staff asked them to deposit Rs.13,000, on which Aditya blushed and said that he would not pay even more than Rs.10,000. Badamji’s video from the staff was very viral.

In 2011, Aditya Narayan was caught in a big controversy. They were at a hatred with their friends and they had said something upside down to a drunk girl. There were reports that the girl overturned and slapped Aditya. But Aditya says that he went to the bar with his friends, where there was a dispute, but the matter was not related to any girl nor he was slapped. Now what was the truth, only Aditya would know.

Police arrestedIn the year 2018, Aditya Narayan was also accused of hitting an auto-rickshaw while driving fast. Versova police arrested Aditya. A woman sitting in a rickshaw had filed a complaint against Aditya Narayan. However, Aditya did not run away in this case but also took the female rickshaw driver to the hospital.

The pretense of marriage was arranged with Neha

These are incidents in the private life of Aditya Narayan, but he also raised controversy for fame in professional life. Remember that during Indian Idol 11, Aditya Narayan composed the wedding drama with Neha. The news was spread that he would marry Neha on the stage of the show itself. After this, the fans became quite excited. However, it was later revealed that it was a TRP game.

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