Tuesday , October 19 2021

India has more cases than COVID-19 infection, fourth most affected country in the world

New Delhi: According toCorona Virus cases, Indiaovertook Britain on Thursday and became the fourth most affected country in the world. There have been a total of 2,97,205 cases of this disease in India. This information is given in ‘Worldmeter’. More than 9,500 new cases are being reported in India for seven consecutive days. In a day, the death toll has also crossed 300 for the first time. According to ‘Worldmeter’ data, India is the fourth country most affected by Kovid-19. More than that the cases are in America (20,76,495), Brazil (7,87,489), Russia (5,02,436).

On Thursday, 996 cases and 357 deaths, according to the Health Ministry data, till 8 am on Thursday, the highest number of 9,996 cases a day were reported and 357 people died. There have been a total of 2,86,579 cases of infection and 8,102 of the total infected people have died. With this, it happened for the second consecutive day when the number of people getting healthy was more than the number of patients getting treatment. According to the data, 1,37,448 infected people are undergoing treatment in total cases of infection in the country, while 1,41,028 people have recovered after treatment and one patient went out of the country.

So far, Kovid-19 infection on 8,102 Leela has
resulted in the death of a total of 8,102 infected people in the country, out of which 3,438 people died in Maharashtra, 1,347 died in Gujarat, 984 died in Delhi, 427 died in Madhya Pradesh. In, 432 people died in West Bengal, 326 died in Tamil Nadu, 321 died in Uttar Pradesh, 259 died in Rajasthan and 156 died in Telangana. It was said on the ministry’s website that is more than 70 percent of the deaths due to infection, patients were also suffering from other diseases.


Maharashtra leads
According to the updated data of the Health Ministry in the morning, Maharashtra has the highest number of 94,041 cases of infection. There are 36,841 cases of coronavirus in Tamil Nadu, 32,810 cases in Delhi, 21,521 cases in Gujarat, 11,610 cases in Uttar Pradesh, 11,600 cases in Rajasthan and 10,049 cases in Madhya Pradesh. The number of infected is 9,328 in West Bengal, 6,041 in Karnataka, 5,710 in Bihar, 5,579 in Haryana, 5,269 in Andhra Pradesh, 4,509 in Jammu and Kashmir, 4,111 in Telangana and 3,250 in Odisha. There are 3,092 cases of Kovid-19 in Assam, 2,805 in Punjab, 2,161 in Kerala, and 1,562 in Uttarakhand. There are 1,489 infections in Jharkhand, 1,262 in Chhattisgarh, 895 in Tripura, 451 in Himachal Pradesh, 387 in Goa, and 327 in Chandigarh. 311 in Manipur, 128 in Nagaland, 127 in Puducherry, 115 in Ladakh, 93 in Mizoram, 57 in Arunachal Pradesh,

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