Saturday , October 23 2021

India-China dispute: a meeting between forces for 11 hours on LAC, talks still possible

New Delhi: To reduce tensions between India and China, the round of meetings between the armies is going on. On Monday too, there was a marathon level conversation between the two armies which lasted for about 11 hours. This meeting of military commanders took place in the Mold area towards China. It is said that a meeting can also be held on Tuesday.

What was discussed during the talks?

According to media reports, during the talks between India-China military commanders on Monday, India asked China for a deadline for the withdrawal of troops from LAC and to maintain the position and deployment before May 2, including Finger 4. Let me tell you that the purpose of this meeting was to maintain the same position on the border. The meeting was led by Lieutenant General Harinder Singh on behalf of India and Major General Liu Lin on behalf of China. 

In the midst of an effort to de-escalate tensions and normalize the border, both India and China have started deploying helicopters and other military equipment, including advanced combat aircraft, on their airbase in their borders. In this cold-hot environment, the Beijing-New Delhi administration continues the rhetoric amid accusations and counter-accusations.

Mountain force deployed in Indian territory

After the violent clash in the PP 14 area of ​​Galvan Valley on June 15, the forces of both countries are trying to strengthen themselves. China’s Army People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has increased the number of artillery and tanks on the LAC, while the Indian Army is also fully prepared and has strengthened deployment. Taking a step further, India has also deployed its highly trained mountain force along the 3.488 km long Line of Actual Control with China. This battalion is trained at high altitude in tactical terms according to challenging conditions.

India carried forward MiG-29 and Apache

Military sources have revealed that after deploying India’s Mig-29 and Apache Combat Helicopters (Apache) in Leh, China also has two airbases of Ladakh, Nagyari, Shigatse (Sikkim) and Nayingchi adjoining Ladakh. (Arunachal Pradesh) has deployed large scale fighter jets, bomber aircraft, and helicopters. Not only this, but the Chinese army has also increased its offensive action and surveillance to prevent Indian soldiers from patrolling in front of Finger 4 at Penang So Lake.

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