Thursday , September 23 2021

Increased vigor at Charbagh railway station due to increasing cases of corona in other states

Lucknow:  Corona infection is increasing rapidly in the states of Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi and South. From here, a large number of people are coming to Lucknow by trains daily on the occasion of Holi. Around 72 mail-express and passenger trains are currently operating at Charbagh railway station. Similarly, more than 15 trains are being operated at Lucknow Junction. These are the major trains like Lucknow Mail, Pushpak Express, Shatabdi Express and Tejas. Many passengers traveling on these trains are careless about the corona.

In view of this, the railway administration has started tightening at major railway stations including Lucknow Junction and Charbagh in view of the increasing transition of Kovid-19 in the capital Lucknow. A fine of Rs 100 will now be charged from unmasked passengers at Lucknow Junction and Charbagh railway station. The railway administration has started surprise inspections at major railway stations including Charbagh and Lucknow Junction in the capital in view of the increasing transition of Kovid-19. Passengers with no masks are being made aware. Even after this, passengers who do not wear masks will be charged a fine of Rs 100. TTE and his wife Corona of Pushpak Express running between Lucknow to Mumbai were found positive. After this, now 12 railway personnel posted at Alambagh thermal plant have been found to be Corona positive. The railway administration has closed the plant for 24 hours. In this plant fluid connecting rail tracks is made.


Director of Lucknow Junction Girish Kumar Singh said that a list of all the information including names, addresses, mobile numbers of the passengers who come here from other states is being sent to the government so that contact tracing can be done easily if any passengers get corona infected. Can be done. He informed that the passengers are being made aware to protect and apply mask from Kovid-19.

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