Thursday , October 21 2021

In the old time King used these secret tips for physical strength, you should also try

The earlier king Maharaja used to have many queens, as well as he also held his vast kingdom. Do you know what things they used for so much energy? If not, today we are giving you information about this, so that we can get acquainted with the things of Ayurveda, which since ancient times King Maharaja himself used for physical energy.
Let us tell you that in ancient times kings used to have royalty, who used to make many infallible prescriptions for the kings through herbs, chemicals, metals. These medicines used to have strength enhancers, after which the king people were young and full of strength for a long time after eating them. Today we are giving you information about some similar medicines of Ayurveda here, by using which you can also increase your physical capacity.
1 – Shilajit-

Take Shilajit equivalent to rice grains and take it with cow’s ghee or honey. This will keep you full of energy and your immunity will also increase. By eating this, your old age will also be kept away from you.
2 – Ashwagandha –
Take half a teaspoon of ashwagandha powder with lukewarm milk before bedtime. By taking it, your physical weakness will be removed and your fatigue will also go away and you will also develop immunity.
3 – White Musli –

Take one spoon powder of white musli with sugar candy and milk in the morning. This experiment removes your weakness. Your physical energy increases. Your immunity increases.
In this way, by taking these Ayurvedic medicines, you can increase your physical capacity and stay young for a long time like King. Here, it is also especially advisable that you do consult an Ayurvedic expert once before doing any experiment.

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