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In comparison with Sweta Tiwari, daughter Palak Tiwari said – I cannot consider myself better than my mother

Actress Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak Tiwari is all set to make her Bollywood debut soon. Palak, 20, will be seen in the film ‘Rosie: The Saffron Chapter’ which is inspired by true events. Recently, during a special conversation with a website, Palak has shared some special things related to her professional and personal life. In a matter of words, Palak said that she can never compare herself with her mother Shweta Tiwari.

Palak considers Madhubala as her icon

Palak says, “I wanted to be an actor since childhood, believe me, I have never thought of doing anything else. When you are an aspiring actor and you get your first film, there is nothing more joyous than that. I couldn’t do it. Something similar happened to me too. I was in ecstasy when I got finalized for the film ‘Rosie’. This film is based on a true incident from 2000. I play the character of a soul in the film. For which I watched many old movies. I saw actress Madhubala’s film ‘Mahal’ in which she became a soul. Not only that, I saw every work of Madhubala because I had to show Era. I made Madhubala Ji my icon. I agree, I am very much inspired by her work.”

Palak felt scared while shooting

Palak further says, “This film is based on an accident in Gurugram. Our film was also going to be shot at the same location where Rosie lived in real life. However, due to the increasing cases of the corona, that plan got canceled. To be honest, I was overjoyed. I didn’t want Rosie’s spirit to wander around me. We shot in an old hostel in Pune, then did indoor shoots in Mumbai and some portions were shot in Lucknow. During the shoot, There were times when I felt that Rosie was around us. There was a fear, but I never stopped working because of it.

Palak had given up exercise for her character

Palak said, “I love to exercise, but for the role of Rosie, I had to take a break from exercise for a few days. Rosie is a soul, so obviously we cannot make her look more glamorous. I skipped the exercises to make my body look a bit leaner on the screen. Then as soon as the shoot was over, I went back to my routine.”

Palak wants to be an example for her younger brother

Palak further said, “I always wanted to do acting, but there comes a point in life when you feel that it is very important to focus on studies. I also have a younger brother, I am also one for him. Wanted to be a good example. I was in 10th class when the talk of my first debut was going on. At that time I decided to focus on my studies by shifting from acting. I wanted to get a degree before making a career in acting and now I think I am ready to try my luck in acting.”

Palak can never consider herself better than her mother

Palak said, “It cannot be denied that people will compare me with my mother Shweta Tiwari. I am not at all afraid of this as I do not want to prove anything like that. I am a different personality and I want that. People will understand and like me and my work. I can never consider myself better than my mother. I wish to make my own identity for which I am working very hard.”

Palak doesn’t care about anything

Palak further said, “When people talk about personal life, I do not care at all. My mother is like that too. We know that we have not done any wrong, so why should we be afraid? People do not know the right thing about my personal life, they only study. In such a situation, I can not answer everyone. Used to read them, but now she doesn’t either. It is very important for me to be myself right, it doesn’t matter what people say.”

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