Wednesday , September 22 2021

In Arbaaz Khan’s show, Farah Khan reprimanded the trollers, said – you speak nepotism, but only see Shahrukh, Keena’s children’s photos

Farah Khan is going to be seen in the next episode of Arbaaz Khan’s chat show ‘Pinch’. In this show, celebrities talk about social media and address the critique of trolls. The full episode of the show will be telecast in front of the audience on Wednesday i.e. September 1, while a promo of the show was shared on social media on Monday. The promo begins with Farah commenting on how everyone with phones considers themselves to be critical and thinks they know everything about films.

Farah told how people comment on her

Farah has also mentioned the criticism she received for her film ‘Tees Maar Khan’ on the show. She says, “Brother, it’s been 10 years, now you go ahead.” The film, starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles, was released in 2010 to negative reviews and was a box office failure.

Farah reveals how she gets slammed online

According to Farah, she is slammed online even for saying ‘hello’, with trollers asking her why she didn’t choose to say ‘namaste’ or ‘salaam’. She then read a troll comment about her three kids, Diva, Anya, and Jar, “Why are the fat kids so dry?” In response, she said, “Listen, you take care of your children, I will take care of my children.”

Farah asked the audience

Addressing the nepotism debate in Bollywood, Farah asked the audience, “You speak of nepotism and all that, but you have to see the photo of Shahrukh Khan’s daughter. Or Kareena’s son’s photo.”

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