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Immunity Stog not only discharges these 5 diseases ‘Tulsi Milk’, know the time of drinking and how to make it too

Ayurvedic Immunity Boosting Tips: In Ayurveda, basil leaves are considered rich in medicinal properties. By consuming basil leaves, a person can get rid of many diseases by sitting at home. During the Corona epidemic, people are trying to increase their immunity by making a decoction of basil leaves. But do you know that if the leaves of basil are boiled in milk and drunk, then many diseases get rid of themselves? Before you make basil milk to get health benefits, know the right way to make it and also the right time to drink so that you get all the benefits of basil and milk.

How to consume- To
make basil milk, you have to boil one and a half glasses of milk first. After boiling the milk, add 8 to 10 basil leaves and boil it. When the milk remains about a glass, turn off the gas. If milk is mildly lukewarm, consume it. Remember that regular consumption of this milk will make your immunity stog and you will stay away from many diseases.

Tulsi milk helps in fighting against which diseases-

-Migraine relief-
Boiling basil leaves in milk and drinking it helps to cure headaches or migraine problems. If you are troubled by this problem for a long time, then instead of tea, drink basil leaves in milk daily.

Stress and depression occur –
Tulsi leaves not only have medicinal properties but also have healing properties in these leaves. If you are also surrounded by problems like depression due to office tension or family discord, then boil basil leaves in milk and drink it. Doing this helps to overcome the problem of depression.

Help to increase immunity-
Today, in the era of the corona epidemic, every person is focusing on increasing their immunity. Any disease can surround you only when your immunity is weak. In this case, the antioxidant properties present in basil leaves help in increasing the immunity of the body. Apart from this, the antibacterial and antiviral properties present in basil also keep away from cold, cough, and cold.

Meditates on the health of the heart-
Boiling basil leaves in milk and drinking it also keeps our heart healthy. Drinking Tulsi Milk on an empty stomach daily gives a lot of benefit to heart patients.

Benefits in Asthma disease-
If you are troubled by respiratory problems, drink basil milk. This home recipe is very effective against the troubles caused by the changing weather.

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