‘Imlie’ will get stuck badly in its trick! teachers will give the biggest shock in college!

Imli will be seen sitting dressed like Malini and in a state of intoxication, Anu will feel that she is standing in front of Malini. The TV show ‘Imlie’, which remains in the top 5 in the TRP list, is constantly getting new twists. By revealing the marriage at gunpoint, Aditya is now seen himself in trouble. He probably did not even know that his own mistake would cost Aditya so much.

Why has the mercury of Imli gone up?

To get Aditya, the fight between Imli and Malini is increasing. Imli has lost her temper after seeing Malini spending the night in the same room with Aditya and now she wants to prove Aditya to be a milk wash by fraudulently on Malini. However, Imlie herself is getting entangled in Malini’s trick.There will be an intriguing twist in the story,

however, in the upcoming episode, Imli will vow to beat Anu and Malini. In the next episode of the show, you will see that Malini’s mother will go home after the party is over and will make Anu sit in her car as a beautiful driver. Sundar will stop the car directly at Chauhan House.

Imli will be

seen sitting here dressed up like Malini and in a state of intoxication, Anu will feel that she is standing in front of Malini. Imli will ask questions to Anu to get the truth out and then Malini will reach there. Malini will be furious at Aditya and his mother and will ask how did they fall so easily into her trick?

Malini will tell fiercely, Malini will say that if she wanted, she could have sued Imli and her family that they got married at gunpoint but she did not do so. Malini will go back home. After that Aditya and his mother will tell a lot of lies to Imli.

Imli will be suspended from the

college On reaching the college the next day, Imli will come to know that all the teachers are protesting. All the teachers will say in front of the principal that they cannot teach a student like Imli. Imli will be given a suspension letter. Imli will plead in front of the teachers and beg her dreams not to be broken. Although no one will listen to him.

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