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Imlie Spoiler Alert: This time Malini will be trapped in the clutches of Imlie! real face will come out

Imlie Written Update: Malini will be shocked to hear Imli’s words and she will ask him how did she come to know the truth? Then Imli will give another shock to Malini and say that… Imlie Spoiler Alert 30 September 2021 Episode No 275: The story of the TV show ‘Imlie’ is going on like a roller coaster these days. There is tremendous competition going on between Imli and Malini. On one hand, where Imli is failing every move of Malini, Malini is also not taking the name of backing down.

Malini’s every move failed. In the

In the last episode, you saw that even after being caught in Malini’s trap, Imli dodges and escapes from the goons and saves the lives of other girls along with her. Till now, it is Imli who keeps getting upset due to Malini’s trick, but now in the coming episodes, you will see how the ground will be seen slipping under Malini’s feet.Now Imlie will remain in Tripathi house,

Malini is going to be the mother of Aditya’s child and Imli has decided that she will stay in Aditya’s house. But Malini does not want this at all. She wants Malini to leave the Tripathi House. In Thursday’s episode, Malini (Mayuri Deshmukh) will come to Aditya’s house and will be stunned to see the police.

The land will slip under Malini’s feet.

Malini will lie and say that she is happy to see Imli again in this house, while inside she must be feeling scared. Imli will privately tell Malini that she knows who has got the kidnapping done? Hearing this, the ground will slip under Malini’s feet. Imli will also tell Malini that because of Mrs. Chaturvedi she has been able to sit in the plane for the first time.

Malini will feel

shocked upon hearing Imli’s words, Malini will be shocked and she will ask him how did she come to know the truth? Then Imli will give another shock to Malini saying that she was just shooting arrows in the dark but now all her confusion is cleared. In this episode, where Malini will be shocked upon shock, there will be a piece of good news for Imli.

Big good news will come from college

Imli will get a call from college that she can complete her studies. Apart from this, he will also have to take part in a competition soon. Imlie will start preparing for her competition but Malini will again try to set her happiness on fire. Now it has to be seen that what will be the next move of Malini?

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