Sunday , September 19 2021

If you have forgotten by keeping the phone on silent mode, then these are easy ways to find it

Often times we forget to keep the phone and if the phone is on silent mode then it becomes difficult to find it. If you are also troubled by this habit of yours, then there is no need to worry now. Let us tell you that there are many such applications with the help of which the silent phone can also be easily found.

easy way to find phone

Clap to Find application helps to ring your silent phone. Whenever your phone is on silent mode and lost you will need to clap to find it with the help of this application. Your phone will start ringing as soon as you clap and it is easy to find.

You can use Android Device Manager. If your phone is on silent mode and lost, the first thing to do to find it is to login to your Gmail account. After this, open the Android Device Manager website, by doing this you can easily see the current location of the phone.

In Whistle Phone Finder Pro application you can find your lost phone by whistling. When you whistle, your phone will make a sound and the camera light will brighten to give you location information.

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