Sunday , July 25 2021

If you are troubled by eyesight then these measures will be beneficial

Due to changes in people’s eating habits, continuous work on computers, mobile phones, and watching TV for more time, even young children today get glasses on their eyes, due to which the number of glasses starts increasing. In such a situation, even after getting the treatment of the eyes, the eyesight does not come back. 

Follow these tips for eyesight:

Spinach and Fenugreek: Consuming spinach and fenugreek daily improves eyesight.

Cardamom: Drinking one cardamom and one spoon of fennel with a glass of milk helps in reducing the glasses.

Amla: Consuming amla juice and gooseberry jam on an empty stomach in the morning improves eyesight.

Walnut: Massaging around the eyes with walnut oil increases the eyesight.

Carrot juice: By drinking a glass of carrot juice daily, the glasses in the eyes can come off soon.

# Almonds: By eating almonds soaked in water, the eyesight becomes brighter. Eat 7-8 almonds soaked in empty stomach in the morning.

# Saunf and sugar candy: Eating one spoon of fennel and sugar candy, 4-5 soaked almonds with milk every night keeps the eyes fine by sleeping.

Honey and liquorice: Mixing honey, liquorice and half a teaspoon of native ghee in milk provides relief.

# Triphala Churna: Taking Triphala powder every day improves eyesight.

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