If you also have this problem, do not forget to consume almonds by mistake.

Often the consumption of almonds in dry fruits is considered highly nutritious for health. It contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, fiber and anti-oxidants etc. which help in keeping the body healthy. It is said that eating 3-4 almonds a day is beneficial for health. On the other hand, if it is eaten excessively then it also causes health damage.

Do not consume almonds:

# Those who have high blood pressure should not eat almonds at all. Almonds should not be consumed in the case of kidney stones or gall bladder disease, because it is not beneficial.

# Almonds contain a lot of fiber which is good for digestion. At the same time, digestive problems begin to occur after taking an overdose of almonds.

#Almond is found in high amounts of vitamin E and its overdose causes headache, fatigue. If you are taking antibiotic medicine due to any health problem, do not eat almonds.

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