Here is this unique practice, women are in bad shape after being beaten by men

There is a strange tradition going on in this world even today. Today we are going to tell you about a similar tradition that is still practiced among tribals and backward castes. These are such a tribe of Ethiopian women who take pride in beating their husbands. And some pictures of these by a French photographer ‘Eric Laforg’ captured in-camera.

Kills Women:

This tribe is a caste named Hammer. According to them, they say that this caste is very different. Tell them about this that people of this caste celebrate the Cattle Jumping Ceremony, this is their special kind of ceremony. In this, 15 cows are put together and a young man has to cross them by jumping and if a boy is not able to do so then he is not married.

Women also beat him up. After this, all the women in that boy’s house are beaten. To kill women there is an organization of men called ‘Maja’. And women do it with great fun.

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