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You must have seen the castor plant in many places, but do you know its benefits? It is a plant that grows anywhere and in any season. This plant is often seen in the village. This plant is believed to have many properties that can protect you from many serious problems. The antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties present in castor oil are helpful in protecting the body from external infection.

Castor root and leaves are used in medicine. The oil that comes out of its seeds. It is called castor oil. If we talk about its properties, the castor is the destroyer of wind and phlegm. The juice is pungent, bitter, sweet, and bitter after cooking. Due to the inflammatory reducing properties present in castor oil, it relieves joint pain, nerve inflammation, and sore muscles. Let us know what benefits you can get from this plant.

Assistant hair grow
if the hair on your head is at or use your eyebrows so thin daily castor oil. Applying oil on the eyebrows a little warm at bedtime. Using it regularly for a few days will make you see the difference.

Adia is often torn in cold weather for torn eddy. For this, apply castor oil lightly on the torn ankles at night and then wash it in the morning. It will also remove the pain of torn ankles and will also heal torn ankles.

For insomnia,
if there is a problem of not sleeping, then grind the soft leaves of castor in milk and heat it and tie it on the forehead and temple. Castor oil should be massaged on the soles of the feet and on the head. This removes the problem of insomnia and improves sleep.

Joint pain
often becomes a joint problem after aging and begins to ache. However, this problem can occur at any age. Castor oil is very beneficial for which. It contains anti-inflammatory elements. Which are helpful in curing joint pain. Joint pain is cured by massaging with castor oil daily.

For internal injury
if someone has an internal injury. So put turmeric powder in the decoction of castor leaves and heat it on the painful place and boil its leaves and put turmeric on it and tie a cotton cloth and tie it on the affected area, it will give relief from the pain of injury.

The lump
is the problem of having a lump in times body or a lump after the injury. For this, grind castor seeds and myrobalan in equal quantity. If there is a new knot then tying it will make the knot and if there is a long knot, it will ripen after ripping.

For swelling,
tying castor leaves with hot mustard oil on the swelling ends it. Massaging castor oil on the inflamed area also provides relief from pain.

For constipation
if you are in trouble with constipation castor oil may prove to be extremely beneficial for you. For this, one spoon of castor oil can be consumed in the morning. If you want, you can also mix it with orange juice, gooseberry juice, or ginger juice. You should keep in mind that it should not be consumed for more than 3 days.

The problem of herpes
If you are troubled by the problem of herpes, then use castor oil. The properties present in it help to eliminate the infection. Allow castor oil to remain in the affected area for the whole night. Apply castor oil at that place before sleeping at night. Your ringworm will disappear very soon.

For more,
if there is a mole mark in your body since birth and want to remove them, then apply a little bit of lime on the stem of castor leaves and rubbing it on the mole makes the mole fall out of the blood.

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