Have you ever wondered why the door in the public restroom is slightly open from below?

You must have used a public toilet at some time, whether you have visited an airport, visited a metro station or visited a mall, there are a lot of toilets made there and these toilets are usually made of wood. Partition is done but have you ever noticed? When you look, you will find that the bottom side is completely empty, meaning the wood from the bottom side is completely cut.

There is a big reason behind this cut wood and that is the reason for cleaning, yes it is actually cut in this way so that it can be cleaned in a good way and people do not get to see clean toilet. That got dirty and full of mud.

In public toilets, people keep on coming, so it is obvious that in such a situation, the toilet will be dirty too much, because everyone will go to the toilet wearing shoes, so they have to be cleaned continuously and their cleaning Maintenance is also very important and when it comes to maintaining them, it is very important to maintain cleanliness, and if it is not so, then people only compile, so the solution was taken that the floor should be kept completely single so that Uncontrollable cleaning can be done very easily.

This method was first folded only in foreign countries, but as people started to know in India too, they also started making such toilets in their buildings for the convenience of the people and you would always find the corner of public toilet shining all the time.

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