Tuesday , October 26 2021

Have you ever wondered why even after getting very noisy, you start falling asleep as soon as you sit in the vehicle?

When people live in the house, they follow a lot of rules for sleeping. Just like they need a good mattress, a thick pillow, and especially peace for sleep, if there is a slight sound then they get up. But, when they used to go out somewhere, they start falling asleep as soon as they sit in the car or due to the train. At that time they do not even get a bed, there is no good darkness and the car and train keep moving so much, yet they fall asleep. In such a situation, today we know why this happens.
Actually, there are many reasons for falling asleep in a moving car or train. Many people believe that when you are traveling, your mind remains calm and due to the calm mind, you feel sleepy. Also, it is said that getting air leads to good sleep.
But, it happens because of the rocking sensation. Because of the rocking sensation, the baby falls asleep while swinging in the crib. When the child does not sleep, he is shaken in his lap, which makes him sleepy. Similarly, when your body moves a little bit, then you start falling asleep.
Why do you sleep when you move? – When you keep moving lightly in the same flow, it is called rocking sensation. This has a synchronizing effect on your brain and you gradually go into sleeping mode. It is also called slow rocking.
It is said that due to this, the desire to sleep starts arising in the mind, and gradually sleep comes. Also, in research, people were put to sleep on different types of beds, in which it was revealed that early sleep had come on the bed that vibrated like a swing.

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