Sunday , April 11 2021

‘Hathi Mere Sathi’ actress Shriya Pilgaonkar said- Vanity used to stay away during the shooting in the forest, there was not even any network available.

Actress Shriya Pilgavankar will soon be seen in the film Hathi Mere Sathi, in which she is playing the role of a young news reporter. Shriya had a special conversation with a website and explained her character as well as shared the shooting experience in the jungle.

Q-What about your character?

A- I am playing the role of a journalist in ‘Hathi Mere Saathi’. The kind of back story that I have prepared for the film is that it has been in this field for a year and is engaged in proving itself. When she covers the story of Banadev, she dissuades that she does not have to report under pressure. You have to write about the truth. But she is not in that position, yet she wants to walk in the direction of truth.

Q- How was your shooting experience in the jungle?

A-I didn’t have to shoot much in the jungle. But the rest of the actors have shot a lot in the jungle. I would like to say that the experience of shooting in the forests is very special. First, it took 6 hours to reach Kerala from the airport, then had to go by jeep to go to the shooting location from there. As soon as we reached there, we used to get into our character. There was no network in the forest. When you are around nature one feels a different experience on its own. None of my scenes are with elephants. I have no scene with the man who is our main star. But I spent time with elephants because I like elephants very much. For me, this film is very important and it is an Amazon film. At the time of shooting this film, I knew that I will not be seen in this entire film. It was important for me to do this film because people must have heard such a story. But it is very important to reach the visual people. In this, we are talking about development, stability, and balance. Because of these things, this film is very important.

Q-How difficult was it to shoot in the jungle?

The vanity vans on the A-set were very far away. Perhaps this was the reason that the director chose actors who are rough and tough. According to my, the fun is there only when you come out of your comfort and work. It is your growth. As a person, when you live in the comfort zone, then only its benefits are available as well. The fun is to shoot in the jungle and always be alert. We must surrender ourselves to the environment. When the film was being shot in Mumbai, it was very hot. It was a shooting process and we were supposed to sweat then. Rana has inspired us the most for the shooting of the film and the audience that we are looking to reach. His film has been shown the most in this film.

Q- Which animal do you like and which are you most afraid of?

A-I like dogs very much. I have also adopted a dog, his name is Jack. He has only one eye. I am most afraid of cockroaches. In this case, I have become a little better, I wonder why be afraid? But still scared. If I speak lizard, lion, tiger, or crocodile, I am not afraid of them as much as I am afraid of cockroaches.

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